Top Reasons Why You Need to Visit Tambopata


Tambopata jungle tours has emerged as one of the best places from where you can spend your holidays. This is especially the case when you want to catch a glimpse of the best-preserved forest in the world. To make it even better, you are going to see different varieties of flora and fauna. What isfascinatingabout Tambopata is the fact that numerous measures have been put in place in order to preserve this natural gem.  In this post, we will examine what you need to know about Tambopata Peru tours and how to do it while travelling in a reasonable way.

How to Reach?

Before opting for the best Tambopata tours, you need to know how you are going to arrive at the destination. This is not something that should be giving your sleepless nights since the nearest city, Puerto Maldonado, is not far away from Cusco. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Cusco, you can easily find you way to the Peru Amazon. To do this successfully, you can either decide to take a plane or bus. A plane will take about 30-45 minutes before you can finally reach the Puerto Maldonado airport. From here, the Tambopata Peru tours company you booked in advance is going to pick you up. For those who decide to take the bus, then it will take you close to 8 or 10 hours before arriving at your destination.

Where to Go?

If you do not need the help of tour providers, you can take safe transport from the bus station or airport to the port. There, you are destined to find the best lodges that offer accommodation and tours. It is highly advisable that you examine all the lodges before starting the journey if you are to find the best deals.  In order to see more wildlife and fauna, you should consider getting accommodation in a lodge that is located near the main Tambopata reserve.

What to Do?

You can partake in numerous activities whenever you opt for Puerto Maldonado Tambopata tour. One of thepopular activities that you are definitely going to fall in love with is bird watching. There are also plenty of options and walks to discover the lagoons and Cochas. Among the most notable places you need to visit is the “Tres Chimbadas” from where you will see a family of nutrias living in freedom. If you are lucky enough, then you are going to come across some monkeys, alligators and big turtles.

The Bottom Line

By opting for Tambopata Amazon tours, you are destined to have the time of your life. However, you will need to protect the forest by making use of organic and non-toxic products including sun cream and repellents. Avoid bringing plastic bottles to the jungle or leaving garbage during tours. It is then that you are set to preserve the beauty of the forest while also protecting the life of all animals. Make sure you choose the best Tambopata tours company if you are to make your stay memorable.


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